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Rankings Institute from Andrew Hansen

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Andrew Hansen is set to re-open his acclaimed course – The Rankings Institute – on September 9th 2014.

This is the hotly anticipated new course following on from his Forever Affiliate launch in early 2013.  While Forever Affiliate focused on affiliate marketing, with free traffic from seo and search engine rankings, the Rankings Institute looks set to be a deep course focused on search engine optimization.

The pre-launch video shows an affiliate site that generated over $8000 in just 60 days using nothing but free traffic from the high search engine rankings that Andrew was able to achieve following the techniques outlined in the course.

Having followed Andrew Hansen for several years, it’s clear that he is someone who is on the cutting edge of all things SEO related and the constant success of his students prove just how well his techniques work for generating consistent rankings that stick long term.

This looks to be one of the best courses to be released in 2014.  I for one am extremely excited to check it out!

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